An app that can run on any internet connected device to allow you to locate, track and be notified to the presence of the International Space Station from anywhere in the world. We made this possible by coding the app using HTML5 to allow us to provide a rich interactive experience to the wide range of devices that people use and made use of a number of APIs to give the user accurate and insightful data.

This project is solving the Spot the Station challenge.



We spent the weekend of the 20th/21st April developing a cross-platform mobile/web app in York, UK to solve the Spot the Station challenge!

We coded the app using JavaScript & HTML5, with an emphasis on making the app compatible with all devices, forms and operating systems.

We successfully completed a concept version of the app which you can find by clicking the 'App' link below. We plan on adding an augmented reality feature to the app in the future, so that the user can see an overlay of the past/present/future position of the International Space Station on the camera of their device.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
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