The Earth App is a mobile application that shows, through augmented reality by geolocation, how a specific place has been modified by the human action. For example, you point out to a specific place with the camera of your smartphone and pictures will appear displaying the ecological evolution. The objectives are: Sensitize people -> Get feedback and greenfunding -> Offer a Certification by NASA when a person has significant contributions.

This project is solving the Earth Day Challenge challenge.


Proposed solution: The earth app

System overview (technical explanation)

The solution we propose is described in the image below. A mobile app is developed based on HTML, JavaScript, CSS3, and jQuery Mobile. The augmented reality section is performed with the Wikitude Plugin (Trial version). All these features are packed through the PhoneGap framework. First, it will be available for Android devices. After the pictures are showed in the camera view to sensitize people, the main porpuse is to redirect the user to the Web Page, either to give feedback or a donation.



People can give Feedback to the locations and collaborate with some ideas, recommendations to be more efficient in the use of space, energy and resourses. We will filtering the information, organize it and sent to ong´s and guvernamental organisms which cares and protects the environmental resources.


Greenfunding is a collaborative funding to restore places like parks, eco-turistics and turistics places. The user gives feedback and send a notifications to ong´s or government corporations responsibles of the care of environmental.

NASA certification

Nasa gives a certificate to reward the enviromental commitment: 1. The junior; recognize the commintment with some communities near your area and your effort. 2. The senior; recognize the commitment with social programs, enviromental programs and support to the greenfunding . 3. Master; recognize the commitment with environmental programs, is the person who organize the projects of greenfunding, teach about the global warming and the impact of the human in the environmental resources.

Experimental results

10 Years ago image Today image After 10 years image Web Page image

Future work

  1. Synchronization of the augmented reality environment with the feedback and greenfounding page.
  2. To obtain the support of organizations to coordinate the greenfounding and places restoration.
  3. To get the agreement with NASA for delivering the certification.


This is The Earth App

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
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