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    At the time of the first Earth Day in 1970, America’s city skies were darkened by air pollution and rivers were catching on fire. The Potomac River in Washington, D.C. smelled like a raw sewer. Pictures of Earth from space were very new, and it was almost impossible to acquire and use data from space unless you were a space scientist. Today, we have seen major environmental improvements and spectacular advances in information technology, but we continue to face major challenges.

    Challenge Description:

    How can space data help us here on Earth? April 22 is Earth Day. Create a visualization of how pollution levels have changed over time.  Many pollution problems have been vastly improved, such as water pollution in the Great Lakes, and air pollution in Los Angeles. But others have significantly worsened, like CO2 emissions and ozone depletion.  For convenience and availability of data, it may be useful to focus on the US or specific regions in the US.

    Functional Specifications:

    1. This challenge is open-ended. This visualization can take a number of forms: a poster, a map animation, an interactive data visualization for the web or mobile phones, or anything else you can imagine.
    2. You could visualize ground-based photos with space imaging; show changes over time as seen from space and on ground. (maybe add one or two more examples)
    3. Ideally this visualization will span from 1970 - year of the first Earth Day - to the present.
    4. You can also be creative with your visualization and the data you use. Just remember this theme: “What can you do to help celebrate Earth Day and show how space data and other data can help save the planet?”


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