Our group took the "non-fancy" approach and strategy for the Earth Day Challenge. We identified a few issues: 1. Lack of Historical Data (local, regional, global) 2. Lack of Standard Data Model 3. Lack of Simple and Intuitive approach to facilitate discussion at any size and level 4. Lack of simplified way to present progress in the context of bigger picture. We created the Earth Shell to act as a canvas to solve these issues and promote awareness (local, global) in a simple and effective way.

This project is solving the Earth Day Challenge challenge.


Earth Day In A Nutshell - An Agile Framework For Solving Earth's Challenges

The project aims to increase awareness of general challenges faced by the earth, both caused by humans or not.

This will be initially accomplished through two canvas.

The first is an informational poster containing the following:

  1. An inventory of global earth challenges presented as a series of big backlogs of goals to be achieved.
  2. A series of smaller and more detailed breakdown of items to be accomplished based on backlog goals, items currently being acted upon with financial, government, and social support as well as the necessary targets and timelines as measure of progress.
  3. Actions currently being done.
  4. A listing of accomplishments of goals that has been tagged as done based on criterias set initially during identification which may or may not have evolved within reason during the duration of the iterative process.

The second is a practical canvas for modelling actionable plans. The aim is not to be academically and theoretically comprehensive but to provide a starting point where everyone working on the canvas is on the same page, viewing the same general overview of what needs to be done.

Project Information

License: Apache License, Version 2.0
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/spaceappsmanila/earthday.git


Earth Shell - Environmental Challenges - Sample Progress - https://raw.github.com/spaceappsmanila/earthday/active/DI_NASA_ISAC_EarthDay_EarthShell_EnvironmentalIssuesRelease_20130421.jpg
Earth Shell - Lorem Release - With Sample Text - https://raw.github.com/spaceappsmanila/earthday/active/DI_NASA_ISAC_EarthDay_EarthShell_LoremRelease_20130421.jpg
Earth Shell - Sticky Notes And Handwritten Notes Release - Printable Template - https://raw.github.com/spaceappsmanila/earthday/active/DI_NASA_ISAC_EarthDay_EarthShell_StickyNotesAndHandwritingRelease_20130421.jpg