social media to share a database, history, ministries and any surrounding our planet since 1970 that allows you to share, comment, chat with people on issues, comparisons, a forum for questions and sharing on our home land between images, videos and resources, also accessible from mobile devices and tablets webapp. work in topics air and water pollution, climate change, human and climate change, etc..

This project is solving the Earth Day Challenge challenge.


right now I working on a demo that will operate in the 22 May next week where users will be able share, collaborate, research, debate, chat, view history analysis and some other contributions from student users, professionals, scientists, general public ... for among all find and provide solutions on topics such as:

Sustainable agriculture, air pollution, climate change, earth from space, pollution over time, Water Pollution, CO2 Emissions, Ozone Depletion, help save the planet, pollution production, Biodiversity Conservation, Faces of Climate Change, Caring for the Earth, Global climate change climate history at a global or regional, global warming, climate change attributed directly or indirectly to human activity, anthropogenic climate change the atmospheric system (rain, clouds and all other elements ...) and their patterns, physics of the atmosphere and oceans, significant changes future, climate change is not a business, orbital variations, continental drift, ocean currents, the Earth's magnetic field, prediction uncertainty, climate changes in the past the past greenhouse, the weak Sun paradox, the CO2 as a climate regulator, climate neighboring planets, the temperature increase, impact on indigenous peoples, Popular Culture and other topics i will add on the time.

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