Integrative web application, which will: • aggregate and utilize existing data • stimulate creation of new solutions • combine all of them with the users info • offer personalized proposals • provide option for continual support and progress tracking Target groups: • Primary: middle/upper class who are the highest energy spenders -to move 1 or some segments off-the-grid or to live completely off-the-grid 2-3 m/year • 2nd: people already living off-the-grid due to social conditions or location

This project is solving the Off The Grid challenge.


Our vision & Our goals 1. Initiating sustainable worldwide off-the-grid movement 2. Inspiring and attracting support by volunteers, partners, companies, financiers and governments 3. Creating world map of off-the-grid actions, resorts, individuals and communities 4. Providing platform for connection and interaction of the off-the-grid community 5. Stimulate development of more affordable equipment for off-the-grid living 6. Offer concept that later can be used for supporting going off-the-grid in terms of other planets

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License: BSD 3-Clause License
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