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    Sustainability is achieved by balancing the need for economic vitality, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility to ensure that we have enough resources to meet our needs today, as well as in the future. Too many people aren’t living sustainably enough to maintain an environment future generations can inhabit.“Getting off the grid” refers to living in a self-sufficient manner without reliance on any public utilities. Many people lack an awareness and understanding of how to live “off the grid.”

    Challenge Description

    Create a website, app, or visualization to help people learn about and share resources regarding “off the grid” living.

    Functional Specifications

    While various existing websites seek to serve this goal, there is opportunity for growth and improvement. Ideas include strengthening the functionality, content and/or design of existing platforms and/or building more effective platforms..

    How this challenge is addressed is open to interpretation. Could include:

    • A user experience and/or design audit of an existing tool.
    • Local content contributions to an existing platform.
    • An interactive and educational info-graphic that seeks to share resources regarding off the grid living.
    • An improved map and directory of off the grid communities/sites.
    • An RSS feed that aggregates and publishes information about off the grid living from existing sites.
    • A social media campaign that encourages the sustainable living community to share videos, tweets, etc. via a shared tag. A corresponding site could aggregate and showcase this content.
    • Find technical overlaps between off-the-grid living and outposts on other worlds.
    • Find technical overlaps between off-the-grid living and outposts on other worlds.


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  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • PaRezo

      A simulation exercise to explore our journey from simple to complex to reflect on where we have gone wrong and how we can do better in terms of sustainable living in the planet. We explore four alternative scenarios and evolve with them: 1) an isolated individual; 2) an isolated community; 3) ... Visit Project

    • Off the Grid Wiki

      Our goal is to create and develop a wiki site devoted to practices and tricks for migrating off of the grid. Although there are many websites dedicated to moving and living off of the grid, there are none that are simple, organized references that people can improve over time. The wiki will... Visit Project

    • Paris Off-the-Grid

      Our main question was: how do we bootstrap a civilization in an isolated area with no exchange with other communities? In other words, we aimed at prototyping a tool that collects resources and needs of the community in real time and communicates back required actions for the system to be balance... Visit Project

    • Inteligent Living Off-The-Grid

      How to inteligently use a website in order to understand and learn about life Off-The-Grid to save our enviroment for future generations. Visit Project

    • Living on Mars

      Our group took an education approach to the challenge of promoting living off the grid and sustainable development. Our group has a background in education so we developed learning activity package for educators to use around the world with no cost. We left all of our resources open source and ab... Visit Project

    • Detached

      Our vision & Our goals 1. Initiating sustainable worldwide off-the-grid movement 2. Inspiring and attracting support by volunteers, partners, companies, financiers and governments 3. Creating world map of off-the-grid actions, resorts, individuals and communities 4. Providing platform for co... Visit Project

    • OTG York

      The project takes the idea of environmental impact calculator further - by creating a global network where users can store, share and edit their environmental impact profiles, and get environmental lifestyle advice tailored to their needs and preferences. The idea of off-the-grid living can th... Visit Project