We created a Learning Activity Package for educators to use in their classrooms. Our "LAP" has a focus on sustainable development and living off the grid. The entire LAP culminates with students creating a conceptual plan to colonize Mars. The hope is for students to think about living off the grid in a different way by planning to live on Mars. Once students develop a plan for Mars they are to reverse engineer their ideas for living off the grid on Earth.

This project is solving the Off The Grid challenge.


Our group took an education approach to the challenge of promoting living off the grid and sustainable development. Our group has a background in education so we developed learning activity package for educators to use around the world with no cost. We left all of our resources open source and able to be edited and shared with anyone. Within our learning activity package we included lessons, assignments, problem solving activities, hands on activities, testing and additional educator resources. We developed our content with grade 9-10 students in mind, however we left aspects of our project open ended to allow for other grade levels as well.

All of our learning activity package builds up to our final project where we created an assignment for students to develop and plan to colonize Mars. There really isn't more off the grid then Mars at this point. The students would need to plan for housing, food, water filtration, communication on Mars and with Earth, and lastly travel to Mars. Students would need to base their ideas off current technologies or back their theoretical ideas from resources they researched. By allowing students creativity to flourish we hope for innovative ideas to come forward. Once the project is completed the students will write a reflection on how their ideas for living on Mars could be applied back to Earth.

Along with our learning activity package we developed a moodle based website where the educators would be able to obtain our information. We established a forum and integrated chat into our website for educators to share ideas and interact with us and each other. Our goal is to reach as many educators as possible and from their feedback change and update our content to meet the needs of the students. We ask that the educators share some of the completed projects and assignments with us so we can create a database for other educators, industry and the general public to view. We strongly feel that students creativity knows no bounds and some of their ideas may influence those in industry.

Our plans for the future are:

1) Network and share our website/content with as many people possible

2) Develop more content for students in other grade levels and subjects

3) Share student developed content

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Project Information

License: Creative Commons BY 3.0
Source Code/Project URL: http://stem.umsats.ca/moodle/