This project is solving the Off The Grid challenge.

Our main question was: how do we bootstrap a civilization in an isolated area with no exchange with other communities? In other words, we aimed at prototyping a tool that collects resources and needs of the community in real time and communicates back required actions for the system to be balanced. Furthermore, we discussed the number and competences of people in the community as well as the population composition (sex ratio, ages, etc.).

Our approach was gradual: we first established the needs and resources available in a rural area in South France as such location allows us to account for basic requirements of the community all by not being blocked by inherent and specific restrictions on Mars. We then gamified some of the features and interactions which enabled us to create a simple simulation of a few days of the community's life.

With these in mind, we were able to start prototyping the extrapolation of the community and its requirements from the Earth to Mars.

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