We try to help people to create a mental map of Mars weather, using Earth "populars weathers" like: New york in christmas, you know it's cold. We achieve this using metadata of instagram photos and the data provide by NASA. I believe in the use of social networks data analysis to help the people.

This project is solving the Wish You Were Here challenge.


I use NASA services and Instagram API to achieve it, doing comparison between NASA data and metadata of Instagram I retrieve astonishing photos of Instagram users, that helps people build a mental map of Mars weather.

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/luisbajana/instamars


Screenshot window 1 - http://cometbits.com/apps/spaceapps/screenshot1.png
Screenshot window 2 menu display options - http://cometbits.com/apps/spaceapps/screenshot2.png