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    The first thing that many of us ask on our way to a new place is what the weather will be like - everyone wants constantly updated weather data to insure their comfort in a new environment. Space explorers need the same thing!

    Challenge Description:

    Develop an interesting representation of weather on Mars. The idea is to translate scientific weather data into a graphical representation for the layperson, similar to the way earth weather apps do the same. This can take multiple forms: an app, a physical object, or a visualization.

    Functional Specifications:

    1. Open to definition, but should represent accurate data.
    2. You can develop an app (android, iphone, or website) that shows real time weather data for Mars. This could be as simple as a static graphical representation or as complicated as an android widget that changes dynamically with the weather (a sun shines when it is clear, clouds form when a storm approaches, windmills which spin when the wind is blowing). 
      You can create physical objects such as a series of postcards, or a snow globe that gives a physical representation of live feed from objects in space.
    3. You can create graphics and visualizations that educate the viewer on weather patterns on Mars.
    4. The end result is up to you - be creative!


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  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Mars Watchtower

      The goal of the Mars Watchtower project is to allow users to easily explore data about Mars weather. ![Mars Watchtower Screenshot](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BIedh4iCAAArK9q.png) Visit Project

    • The Curious Weather Report

      We will design an iPhone weather app that displays the most recent weather conditions on Mars, as reported on the Mars Weather feed. We will also provide functionality for viewing non-weather related tweets as well as statistics about the temperature and pressure over the months (it seems that th... Visit Project

    • Instaweather From Mars

      Using the Weather Data From Mars, we will be creating a mobile app that overlays it with real world photos or user taken picture... It will also apply what we call the "Mars Filter" that will make your photos came from mars!... If you point your mobile phone to the sky, it will simulate the sk... Visit Project

    • WeatherOnMars

      Do you ever think about what is weather on Mars? Do you want to to watch it in real time? Now you have a chance to see it. The information is directly from mars rover Opportunity who is one of a lot of many. This unique technology allows us to watch how is change the weather on red planet in ... Visit Project

    • MarsWeather

      Our project aims to solve one of the 50 challenges of NASA in an innovative way. We believe that our project is the best solution for what NASA wants to solve with the problem in the project Wish You Were Here. We plan to achieve it by using technologies last generation / .NET4 (Threading: LINQ t... Visit Project

    • AresVallis

      AR weather reports from Mars. Built for the iPad or iPhone. Visit Project

    • MarsUpdates

      Windows 8 app, that provides weather reports from Mars and visualize them. Collects tweets so that users can get all the latest news from NASA, Curiosity and channels by they're choice. Export all the collected data in XML or JSON so people can use it beyond the app's capabilities. Visit Project

    • Red Marble

      A city building game. The scenario is: Alone on Mars, a single robot struggles through the harsh and ever-changing weather, hoping to build a home for its astronaut friends on Earth. The game will feature an environment that reflects, simulates, and directly represents the weather patterns o... Visit Project

    • Red Planet Radar

      See the latest data of weather on Mars. Red Planet Radar gives you historical data of Mar's weather. Stay up to date with the latest feeds coming from Curiosity Rover's twitter feed. Learn the technical terms of the mission, more about the Curiosity Rover and interesting facts about Mars. O... Visit Project

    • Martian Weatherman

      Mars has a robotic weatherman known as Curiosity. Do you need to take your jacket on your next romp across Olympus Mons? He'll let you know. Martian Weatherman is designed to show a familiar weather display. In this case it is the latest day and the last 4 (martian) days. Additionally, it will... Visit Project

    • Martian Weather

      A beautiful display of the Martian Weather Visit Project

    • {MAAS} API

      The {MAAS} API is an open source REST API built to help make it easier and more efficient to build interactive applications that want to utilize the wealth of weather data being transmitted by the Curiosity Rover on Mars. Our API is built upon the REMS (Rover Environmental Monitoring Station) dat... Visit Project

    • Ready for Mars Weather

      Ready for Mars Weather is an app for Windows 8 with user friendly interface to display Mars wheater conditions such as temperature, wind, pressure and humidity. The data is obtained and updated from http://cab.inta-csic.es/rems/, an instrument to monitorize enviromental conditions on the marti... Visit Project

    • Mars Climate

      The idea is to develop a Mobile Application to receive real time weather updates directly from the REMS sensors on board Curiosity Rover. To complete this project, the folowing components will be developed: * A server application that provides a RESTful API to access the current and previou... Visit Project

    • RedHeat

      RedHeat aims to promote renewable energy options on Mars. It uses daily tempuratures from Mars to estimate the power output from chlorine based generators. RedHeat depicts a simplified process, providing estimation of Mega Watts / Hour and total Mega Watts produced. RedHeat is being developed ... Visit Project

    • Weather Martian

      Core Objectives: To create a solution that informs users about the weather on Mars. Task Breakdown: Leilani Montas - iOS Developer John Louis Perez - Android Developer Jason Bourne Manzala - Back-End Developer Mark Arvin Badiola - UI/UX Developer https://github.com/spaceappsmanila/h... Visit Project

    • MeteoMars

      We want an emotional representation of the temperature's data from Mars. Our project is based on an object which translate temperature data from mars to humans -> We take the concept that Mars is, for all of us, a dream. A dream we never touch, we never see in reality. We always see Mars w... Visit Project

    • M

      M - Super simple web app displaying past and present weather data and comparison to users current location earth. Supporting Desktop/Tablet/Smartphone Technical specification https://hackpad.com/Wish-You-Were-Here.-ow6BdupG1yB Visit Project

    • Mearth

      A 2013 NASA SpaceApps Challenge observing the temperature & wind speed on Mars and trying to match it with somewhere on Earth. ![Test app](http://sighmon.com/pics/mearth-screenshot.png) Visit Project

    • MarsMet

      The aim of this project is to create a flexible Mars Weather web-app that relies on the data provided by the REMS sensor of the Curiosity MSL. The main goal is to provide easy access to the dataset. Visit Project

    • Instamars

      I use NASA services and Instagram API to achieve it, doing comparison between NASA data and metadata of Instagram I retrieve astonishing photos of Instagram users, that helps people build a mental map of Mars weather. Visit Project

    • Sol

      ![Sol](http://wvlngth.com/Sol/Earth-Mars-iPad.jpg) ##Our Mission The mission of this application is generate mass consumer interest through a visually appealing, easy to use, Earth weather application that integrates a touch of science and education. ##Companion App A second compa... Visit Project

    • onMARS

      Project onMARS aims to display Planet MARS weather data in an intuitive way. It is developed as a part of NASA International Space APP Challenge-2013 (2 days HACKATHON). It is a windows phone app, soon to be launched in marketplace after some more modifications. Currently it displays the Weather... Visit Project

    • mWeather

      Welcome, Mars enthusiast! Whether you want to learn about a different climate than you are used to, or want to plan the next colony in space, you are free to explore the weather conditions on the Red planet. Have a nice visit! Link to the project's website: http://mweather.yordandar.cloudvps.bg Visit Project