This project is solving the Wish You Were Here challenge.

We want an emotional representation of the temperature's data from Mars. Our project is based on an object which translate temperature data from mars to humans ->
We take the concept that Mars is, for all of us, a dream. A dream we never touch, we never see in reality. We always see Mars with images from satellite, or with some movie like Mars attacks, red planet. Actually, there's a long distance between mars and us. So, when the challenges says that we must " Develop an interesting representation of weather on Mars. The idea is to translate scientific weather data into a graphical representation for the layperson, similar to the way earth weather apps do the same. ", we have to take the weather data from mars to our daily life. With our project, we just want to say " This is not a new data, without life, of mars, but this is life, this is a little percent of mars with you". This connected object live every day near you.

Technically, the project is a little breathing mass who, by his led, translate the temperature into mars. When wind comes into mars, the object move with some proppeler connected to arduino. Actually, we work with Arduino Uno + Arduino Motor shield + motor + Led RGB + some propeller connected to motor printed with a Makerbot.

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License: GNU General Public License