This project is solving the Wish You Were Here challenge.

Mars has a robotic weatherman known as Curiosity. Do you need to take your jacket on your next romp across Olympus Mons? He'll let you know.

Martian Weatherman is designed to show a familiar weather display. In this case it is the latest day and the last 4 (martian) days. Additionally, it will let you see the recent tweets from @MarsWxReport, @MarsCuriosity, and @SarcasticRover. After all, we are pretty sure Curiosity has a sense of humor. Additional planned functionality includes rotating background images, historical weather graphs, and the current mars orbit.

This is an HTML5 application compiled in PhoneGap. The initial target is the iPhone, but iPad may be included in initial release. Android and other platforms can easily come later, thanks to PhoneGap.

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License: GNU General Public License
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