lebluemarvel lets you explore the many images taken by satellites and the ISS in a simple yet interesting way. There are thousands of images to be displayed but going over them one by one using keyboard arrows is just not an option. So how do you fit thousands of images in a small window? You make them smaller, let them fly on the screen and spice them up with interactivity, physics, colorfulness and randomness.

This project is solving the The Blue Marble challenge.


Upon launching the desktop lebluemarvel, it displays lots of balls on a black background: that's how we abstract space. The balls come in different colors and sizes and they move at different speeds. Each ball represents an image that is displayed once the ball is clicked. The attributes of the image are also displayed (feature, geo-location, longitude, latitude). The balls also react to mouse clicks and screen edges.

  • We used the NASA-provided JSON dataset of 234,118 images available for download here: http://data.spaceappschallenge.org/images_json.zip


  • Saad Taame - Grad CS Student
  • Mehdi Diouri - Undergrad CS Student
  • Hazim Azghari - Undergrad COM Student
  • Yassine Gaimes - Undergrad CS Student
  • Ali El Ouafiq - Fresh CS Graduate

How to Run

There's no live online demo since it's a desktop app, refer to the Github README.md file for more details on running the app.

Project Information

License: GNU General Public License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/cyberspacenomad/sac


HackPad - https://spaceapps.hackpad.com/Some-useful-info-for-the-Chaos-Viz-WvMvLNaoGHM