This project is solving the Bootstrapping of Space Industry challenge.

Our working group conducted the challenge "Bootstrapping Of Space Industry" in which developing a game based on Unity 3D, 3Ds max and Visual Studio 2012. Each of the team members work together to meet the objectives set for this challenge. The game we did tried to create a simulation that would allow us to visualize how it would be possible to make a industrial colonization on the moon for the exploitation of its resources and benefits could extract it to make it self-sustaining, given the short time given for the completion of this challenge was not entirely possible because the design of characters or objects (colonies spaceships, robots, refineries, machines, etc.) and design of the lunar surface long enough to require a level of detail to provide optimal, was held a breakthrough in terms of the communication to the game databases which remained at 85% complete as this allows for authenticity via web service.

additionally you want this application to be accessible to poor people as this would help in an educational manner that they may know of an easy and fun the future that may be reached in a few years make.

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