This project is solving the Bootstrapping of Space Industry challenge.

Moon Harvest


Do you have what's it takes to establish a colony on the Moon? What do you think it's best for the Moon?

Man have always been fascinated with our natural satellite and there are a number of reasons to create a habitable or productive environment there.

Moon Harvest is a game where you take the role of a Chief Operating Officer in charge of the Moon Colony Mission.

This game is powered by a complex (still in development) moon environment simulator. This complexity along with the hosts variables involved should create some awareness of how hard your quest will be.

Your final goal is to create a sustainable space industry on the surface of the Moon using all resources available.

Your main objetives will be: - Create a sustainable process in terms of Energy. - Install observatory instruments to take Astronomy to the next level. - Install defensive mechanisms to protect your colony and Earth from Meteor Showers. - And finally send living beings and Humans from Earth to test the environment you've created.

Build a Robot Factory, extract moon rocks, retrieve other resources such as Alumina, Silica and He-3 to create other buildings that will help you through your journey.

During this mission you'll get the counsel of five advisors that will guide you to achieve your goal. Each one with his own perspective of what's best. Which one will you follow?

Think, build, become the first man to successfully establish a colony on the Moon and have lots of Fun ! That's what Moon Harvest has for you!

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