This project is solving the Bootstrapping of Space Industry challenge.

Netention collects a community of peoples' stories, and interlinks them with automatically discovered opportunities that are mutually inter-satisfying - essentially suggesting to its participants how they could realize the desired futures they have described.

Netention is a tool for describing one's current life situation (“is”), and potential future situations (“will be”) – as linked data objects. A semantic description of a human life can be considered to consist of a set of declarations representing aspects about which one is concerned or interested. Link the current and desired states of real and imaginary concepts - including people, environments, objects, processes, knowledge, or time.

Netention realizes one’s goals based on their desires and translates them into tangible outcomes in one’s own network.

Netention aims to solve, in general, all resource management and planning issues that occur among communities of participants. A complete system could conceivably eliminate the balkanization of various separate online services that presently serve relatively narrow subsets of the more general problem.

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