This project is solving the Bootstrapping of Space Industry challenge.

We have developed a browser based choose your own adventure game that simulates the development of a bootstrapped lunar infrastructure venture. The player takes the role of the founder of this venture and must make both story based and strategy based decisions that advance the game. We envision the end user of this game to be high school students to adults who are interested in understand this particular vision of a near term future that we could reasonably achieve in space. The early story includes a large number of web links directing further user exposure to real life research, industry, and key players within both the government and private space space industry. We felt that it is important to inspire consumers of this game by showing that our vision is reenforced by real world data and projects.

The goal of this game is to educate and inspire players so that they can walk away from the game with not only a better understanding of the science and economics of space but also a feeling that this possible future could become a near future reality.

Project Information

License: MIT License
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