This project is solving the Seeing Water From Space challenge.


Create an animated visualization about the evolution of the water bodies in the altiplano of Chile in the last 100 years. Like this animation


  • Understand the available data about water bodies - the period for which it is available, the frequency of the samples, and what is tracked.
  • Figure out how to place that data on the map.
  • Then create the time-lapse animation.

What we managed to do:

  • could not find / understand data about water bodies
  • settled on the precipitation data that's friendlier
  • displayed precipitation data for the last 100 years on the world map, with time-lapse animation
  • documented our progress, blockers, findings in this hackpad:

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL:


The hackpad with resources, blockers, problems -
Details and demo -