Our group is really interested in NASA and space programs. While we believe this, many people in the nation may not or just do not understand what NASA does. Our plan is to connect information to the public using social media and relevant trends. If more people can share, create, and interact with the data NASA has, then there will be more people from outside of the science community that are interested in what NASA is all about. The idea is to make NASA social and Keep it cool.

This project is solving the We Love Data challenge.


People who are not interested in space do not seek information relating to it. Like offering a child sweet cereal that contains whole grains, we are offering a modern, "hip" approach to space content that offers an underlying layer of educational data. We accomplish this through multimedia content, memes, and social interactivity.

CosmicSays utilizes humor, sharing, and space majesty to offer an easily approachable compilation of space-related content that is "share"-oriented.

Let's get the future generations to have fun with space.

Keep NASA cool!

Project Information

License: MIT License
Source Code/Project URL: https://github.com/davidsteinberg/cosmicsays?source=cr