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    Voyager is the farthest human-made object from people and the first object to cross the heliopause (leave the solar system and enter uncharted interstellar space) Voyager was launched 35 years ago. How can we connect people to it and tell the story of the Voyager mission?

    Challenge Description

    • Create a data visualization, tool, interactive graphic, or even a physical object that explores and humanizes the Voyager mission.

    Functional Specifications

    Given the openness of the challenge, there are no specific functional requirements, other than that the project involves the Voyager mission. Here are some examples to get you started:

    • Create a visualization that puts in to scale how far away Voyager is from earth.
    • Create a visualization that shows and details important events in the Voyager missions (when it passed certain planets, collected important images)
    • Create a model of the Voyager spacecraft (kid friendly)
    • Create a tool that allows easier look up, and a better visual, of the Voyager location data
    • Create an API for the weekly Voyager reports.


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  • The following projects are solving this challenge:

    • Voyager IEEE Bogota

      Develop a web based on html, in order to show important dates, things, images and models of the Voyagerr 1 Mission Visit Project

    • Hello Alien

      We are working on the definition of the human gender that voyager is promoting through the universe from the datas put in the golden records. We also plan to create a community around this and conceive a participative 2013 records. Visit Project

    • To infinity and beyond

      The idea is to make a small web app using Ruby on Rails for backend and one of the Javascript visualizing libraries (like three.js). The app would be highly visual and interactive, and would display the trajectory of the Voyager mission, as well as other planets and some sort of timeline. Insp... Visit Project

    • V-tracker: The Sounds of Silence

      Voyager 1 has embarked on a silent journey decades ago. It's time for a soundtrack! The project aims to build an app that will convert raw inputs into music and images. We plan to mix the sounds from the golden record with tones generated using data sent by the probe. Visit Project

    • Where is Voyager 1

      Project to quickly show a user on a web browser where Voyager 1 is in relation to a point on Earth. It should show an image of the position of the Spacecraft if the craft is above the horizon. Visit Project

    • Build-a-Spacecraft: Voyager 1

      Abstract: ========= Generate a LEGO brick version of the Voyager 1 spacecraft. Goals: ====== - Generate various mockups and sample assemblies using LDraw [1] and related tools. - Generate a final model and render it using POV software. - Make available the parts list for the final ... Visit Project

    • Helio

      Live tracking of Voyager's journey through the heliosphere! Data, trivia, visualisations - add features until we're bored, or the app collapses. Visit Project

    • VOY∀GER

      The main purpose of our project is to know the Solar System, using a kind of "RPG" game based on a web application. Our web app. makes use of Voyager's data. The Voyager spacecraft is the only artifact that is about to reach the outer edge of the heliosphere. The Voyager has provided us unprecede... Visit Project

    • Voyager Milestones Visualization UofManitoba

      A simple visualization to show visually the milestones for the Voyager spacecrafts. Visit Project

    • The Lonely Voyage

      #The Lonely Voyage ![logo](https://raw.github.com/jacomyal/lonely-voyage/master/img/logo.png) Lonely Voyage retraces some of the main events that took place on planet Earth while Voyager was taking its long journey to the infinity of space. We travel alongside Voyager through a timeline tha... Visit Project

    • CoderDojo BCO Voyager 1 visualisation

      This project involved the research and visualisation of the voyager spacecraft during a CoderDojo session at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory in Cork, Ireland. Kids attending the dojo used the skills they've learned to visualise various aspects of the mission. This included creating 3D models an... Visit Project

    • What's Up, Voyager?

      This project is to personify Voyager 1 by integrating sentiment analysis and the Leap Motion controller. With data from Voyager 1 (weekly reports, location data and historical events) and celestial objects, we want to model an environment in which we see through the 'eyes' of Voyager about the cl... Visit Project

    • The Great Explorer

      Mankind explores. Many people and machines have become renowned for their journeys, and Voyager is one of the great ones. A video look at Voyager's extraordinary journey, and how it equals, and goes beyond, what other explorers have accomplished. Visit Project

    • Museum of Intergalactic Species

      Team Members: Charlotte Tang / Designer Poyan Pourshian / Designer Jane Saptura / UX/Researcher Kris Nicolaou / Developer Mario Dabrowski / Developer Visit Project