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    For prolonged manned missions to the Moon or Mars, non-perishable food supplies may be supplemented by regenerative life support systems, such as greenhouses, that produce food on the planet surface. These structures must be capable of being delivered, deployed, operated, and maintained in extreme environments. In addition, the presence of growing plants can have a positive psychological impact on explorers far from home.

    Challenge Description:

    Develop a conceptual design of a deployable greenhouse that could be used for pre-deployment on a space mission to the Moon or Mars.

    Functional Specifications:

    The design(s) should specify for which location the greenhouse is intended.

    Desirable features of the greenhouse include:

    • Small, stowage volume and mass
    • Deployable upon landing
    • Requires minimal resources for operations
    • Able to run at low pressure (e.g., ¼ atm to reduce leakage and structural requirements)
    • Has pre-planted media or growing system
    • Has a “priming” volume of water and required gases
    • Recycles the transpired water back to the roots (i.e., close the water loop)
    • Has a basic thermal control system, including internal air recirculation
    • Able to harvest and store O2 generated from plants
    • Uses insitu resources (water, atmosphere, etc)

    • Ideas to consider for greenhouse design:

    • The greenhouse could arrive at the planet/moon prior to astronauts arriving.
    • Inflatable
    • Robotic harvesting of the crops
    • One crop cycle per greenhouse and then shutting down
    • Drying crops in place (e.g., wheat, soybean, or potatoes)
    • Replanting capabilities (i.e. more than one crop)
    • Retrieving water and/or O2 in system prior to shut down
    • Supplying CO2 as plants grow
    • Opening thermal covers in day and closing the covers at night (see Mars Greenhouse Data presentation)
    • Generating photovoltaic power capable of running control systems and/or opening and closing covers
    • Viable as a kit for deployment in arid regions on Earth

    • Consideration if designing for Mars

    • CO2 could be used as a pressurizing gas to offset leakage

    The design(s) should specify for which location the greenhouse is intended (moon or Mars).


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      improving the design of the deployable greenhouse with new useful features, such as tracking solar panels, an automatized hydraulic system that allows movement, and humidity sensors. Visit Project

    • Earth v2.0

      We are aiming at creating an Earth out in the Space focusing mainly on usage of the following technologies - Plant Tissue Engineering - Robotics - Recombinant Techologies Visit Project

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    • TAR

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    • MGreen

      Infrastructure design for growing food on Mars. In order to provide the astronauts first feeding in its missions to be more time for Mars and carry less loads on ships. This is to reduce the weight and volume of the ship. Visit Project

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      creat the new environment where the future generatoin will live in Visit Project

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      A self contained protective biomass growing unit. Visit Project

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    • TripToMoonToEat

      restaurant in moon, why not?? Visit Project

    • Mars beaners

      Investigación, diseño e implentación de invernadero en la atmósfera de marte. Visit Project

    • arca

      This proyect aims to offer a new vision of a greenhouse aimed to be used in space exploration. Will explore, at least: * Materials * Light distribution * Energy * Shielding * Heating * Soil processing/enriching/recycling * Water distribution * Layout * Crop kinds and locations * Daily ... Visit Project

    • Mars Farming

      Care your Plants in Mars Space Visit Project

    • SALAD Pod (Sustainable, Agriculture, Life, Acceleration, Device)

      The name for our device is the SALAD Pod (Sustainable, Agriculture, Life, Acceleration, Device). This project if for a deployable greenhouse, utilizing mars atmosphere through compression and cryogenic distillation. It will utilize the dragon capsule fr the greenhouse structure. Using a falcon he... Visit Project

    • Mars deployable greenhouse Rodrigo Mello Melo

      Greenhouse down to Mars Deployment System Consists of an automated mechanism for vertical deployment of 3 main chambers that stay transparent one another within the sequence: Composed by: 1 Central concave upper chamber 2 cameras of different diameter cylindrical geometry lower ... Visit Project

    • zxcaadsa

      It's in spanish :/ Visit Project

    • Deployable Greenhouse - MARFFI

      Овој предизвик се состои од испраќање на самомонтирачка стаклена градина на Марс која по слетувањето ќе започне самостојно со работа Идејата е да се складираат основни суровини за живот во автономна стаклена градина, наменети за космонаутите кои подоцна би пристигнале Целта е производство ... Visit Project

    • Prásinos Martis

      Our design concept consists of a 4-stage plan to deploy a sustainable and deploy-able greenhouse onto the Martian surface. Stage 1: Using the Falcon Heavy SpaceX Rocket and the landing concept from the SpaceX Grasshopper as payload, delivery and landing systems respectively. Stage 2: Using ... Visit Project

    • Captain Cook

      To Design a Deployable Greenhouse which will act as a regenerative life support system to humans dwelling in space. Particular focus will be applied to the areas of quality of life, human happiness and food as a factor in these elements. Our workflow is centered around social and spreadable me... Visit Project

    • SymbioTEK

      SymbioTEK specializes in R&D of symbiotic systems which consist of living organisms and artificial parts. SymbioTEK advances the way we see technology and helps the environment by combining plants or microbes and technology into a symbiotic system. SymbioTEK develops a combination of Green and ... Visit Project

    • Aeroponic Extend Greenhouse (AEG)

      -diseño de un invernadero con tecnologia aeroponica, sobre la litosfera de marte. -design of a greenhouse with aeroponic technology on the lithosphere of Mars Visit Project

    • MarsTera

      Terraforming Mars, one greenhouse at a time. Basic Outline: Landing of a rover with a 3D glass printer on Mars for the construction of a dome shaped greenhouse. The main priming substance will be hydrogen peroxide which spontaneously decomposes into oxygen and water in the presence of sunli... Visit Project

    • The Greenhou.se

      # Deployment Our initial designs would require a simple deployment into the atmosphere. On deployment from the initial rocket/propolusion system, 'TheGreenhou.se' would enter the atmosphere, deploy parachutes, and soft land onto the surface. As it enters the atmosphere, one option would be to op... Visit Project

    • Little Martian Greenhouse

      The idea is to create a sustainable self sufficient Greenhouse that is easy to deploy. The concept will deploy itself using the gravity of mars, but previously guided with parachutes and small rocket engines in any case. Methods of self sufficient: - Fuel cells - Sabatier reaction - Combustion ... Visit Project

    • FarmOnline

      Elaborar un sistema de cultivo de alimentos, destinado a los lugares que posean condiciones extremas, por ejemplo: en la Antártida o el desierto de Atacama, a través de la creación de un sistema automatizado y controlable de forma remota en tiempo real, capaz genera un microclima ad-hoc al cult... Visit Project

    • Cafe Luna

      The purpose of this project is to create a conceptual design for a greenhouse for growing food on the Moon. Visit Project

    • Starting Green

      Proyecto para crear un concepto de invernadero para Marte. Analizar las condiciones del planeta como atmosfera,suelo, clima, ambiente y la bio diversidad necesaria para satisfacer necesidades fisicas, emocionales y psicologicas de los habitantes. Visit Project

    • POM

      Note: the following description is a summary of [our full report](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Pj139t1wzlqixvdrTC-HRXfHNol3AwtUcHahzEb2S00/edit?usp=sharing). #Team POM is the acronym for Plants On Mars. We are a team of five green funky guys from different areas in France (Toulouse, Bo... Visit Project

    • Collapsible greenhouse

      This project is an endeavor to solve the Deployable Greenhouse challenge. Our project shows a suitable model of an easily deployable green house for a mission to Mars. The details of the project can be found in the reference document. Visit Project

    • Rainfall On The Mars

      “ Rainfall on Mars ” Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand" - Neil Armstrong. The Entire Process takes place in two phases -> (I) Phase 1- Installation of Floating Greenhouses. According to the need of challenge Deployable Greenhous... Visit Project

    • Gumball Grow Pods

      Concept for pre-deployment mini farms for early short duration manned missions to Mars – mini farms land on Mars, deploy themselves, and initiate food production Gumball Grow Pods: Inflatable gumball shaped, self-contained grow pods Red and blue LEDs combine to give off a pink hue ... Visit Project

    • siembravidas

      DOMO DESPLEGABLE SIEMBRAVIDAS: la iniciativa consiste en desarrollar un espacio de ambiente controlado en la superficie del desierto de atacama para replicar un clima similar al MARCIANO, de tal forma que se puedan someter algunas especies vegetales como los CACTUS a una adaptacióin de ambiente ... Visit Project

    • GreenDesert

      My aim in this project to produce O2 fast and take of little amount of this O2 to storage for hard times.With taking engelmann experiment as an object i will use How :Firstly im going to select the plant i decided to use my preference is a plant from desert because : -They... Visit Project

    • Compostera

      Se pretende trabajar en la recuperación de suelo marciano para hacerlo cultivable por medio de la implementacion de un domo invernadero Visit Project

    • Global Weather Control System

      Cell phones are equiped with a diversity of MEMS devices that can be utilized to detect climate conditions autonomously throughout many regions of the Earth. A cloud-based computer network can on-demand (needs of computer software) collect diverse climate related data in support of the Deep Thu... Visit Project

    • TerraFarming

      ![Alt text](http://s3.postimg.org/bdvyitcjn/logoterra.jpg) The purpose of this project is to develop a Greenhouse prototype able to operate autonomously on the surface of Mars. With functionality in mind, we have designed sustainable and independent systems, capable of managing resources and... Visit Project

    • GhOST

      There are a few problems in constructing a Greenhouse for another planet : - The temperature will be too low or high for the electronics - The space radiation will be devastating. - The lack of O2, N2 and other gases important for life. - The travelling between planets/space objects. - The... Visit Project

    • Project Lupa

      A deployable greenhouse for Mars, designed to produce organic biomass in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Utilizing a Antarctic strain of Chlorella Vulgaris, this mission aims to double the biomass of the Algae every five days. Once the Algae has been allowed to double several ... Visit Project

    • Mars Monitored Greenhouse

      One of the biggest challenges for manned flight to Mars and other bodies would be food and other consumable commodities to maintain bodily functions. Some have suggested terraforming before manned missions land. Rather than terraforming on a large scale, a small deployable greenhouse may be able ... Visit Project

    • Popeye on Mars

      # Popeye On Mars ## Introduction *** In the current project, we design a deployable greenhouse, which can survive in the extreme conditions of Mars surface. The design is based on the assumption that the greenhouse will be landed near the equator. A landing area like [Arabia](http://en.wi... Visit Project

    • MS3P (My Space Plant Pod Project)

      ##Overview Our challenge was to develop a conceptual design of a deployable greenhouse that could be used for pre-deployment on a space mission to the Moon or Mars. We addressed it with a modular solution called My Space Plant Pod Project. This modular solution allows for low infrastructure, ... Visit Project

    • Red to Green

      Objetive: Designing a conceptual model that is self-sustaining greenhouse on the planet Mars. To viable solution to the problem of insufficient time spent by a crew on Mars. How: The "RED TO GREEN" is to send a self-sustaining greenhouse to the red planet, Mars. Taking into account the d... Visit Project

    • Vivero Marciano

      Our main goal is to create a photobioreactor, such that it transforms light energy in edible biomass and at the same time transform CO2 in O2. The process we propose to do this is thought out microalgae and macroalgae (e.g. cyanobacteria Arthrospira platensis and Arthrospira maxima.). We choose ... Visit Project

    • Green on the Red planet

      #Introduction Our mission is to develop a greenhouse with inflatable modules on Mars for a sustainable future human base. The goal of the project is to feed four (4) astronauts. Also, it will be fully automatic. # Configuration chosen The structure will be composed by a primary module and se... Visit Project

    • Spaceveggies

      # The Concept The core idea of concept is to build two types of space: 1) Well protected shelter where humans can live and work most of the time and 2) Openly connected garden-like greenhouses providing enough shelter from radiation to allow short refreshing nature moments. In addition... Visit Project

    • DIGS: Deployable Independent Greenhouse Systems

      The Deployable Independent Greenhouse Systems (DIGS) project aims to develop a self-sustained bioregenerative environment capable of producing fresh and freeze-dried food to supply missions en route to the moon, Mars, or Near-Earth Objects (NEOs), thereby reducing or eliminating the need to carry... Visit Project

    • agrinable

      social media on sustainable agriculture a place with information to make decisions about soil types, climates and planet earth data to determine the best time to plant a product anywhere includes forums, chat, group discussions, etc. to obtain the best choices for planting fruits, vegetables, var... Visit Project

    • The Space Cabbages

      The Space Cabbages aims to offer an idea for a deployable greenhouse used in outer space. Our designed greenhouse is self-sustainable and expected to last for many years without external supplies. This could be achieved by incorporating waste management and using methane clathrate as an initial... Visit Project

    • Green Mars the beginning

      this proyect is created mentally pursue of mankind achievement through space and also to help humanity needs to prevent hunger around the world and to treat diseases, help society understand that we together the humans were capable of creating unimaginable ideas to broke the chains and ... Visit Project

    • A Green Red Mars

      The deployment of the greenhouse in Mars non tripulated will be in the paralels 0 to 40 degrees, to make posible to be auto sustainable and make sure the food for the astronauts at least for a year only in the first harvester. Visit Project

    • Invernadero marciano

      In the part of design had aspects into account as the support of pressure, the portability, the internal sustainability and water, to which offered solutions as a structure with a system of exchange of gases based on the principle of the camera hyperbaric, also in the parts of water, considering ... Visit Project


      From ideas as simple as the "grass heads” to ultimate technologies such as pneumatic muscles were integrated by enthusiastic young Mexicans from different disciplines in order to meet the challenge of achieving an inflatable, self-buildable deployed greenhouse capable of generating food, wat... Visit Project


      This project proposes transport to Mars several greenhouses-biodomes based on the Hoberman sphere with a robotic arm inside. The hardware selected is Mega Arduino. Andean quinoa was chosen to grow on Mars, because it’s rich in essential amino acids, consumes moderate water, doesn’t need pollinat... Visit Project